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RIVAS - Rainbow International Validation and Settlement

Rainbow International now offer a new Independent National Flooring & Furniture Solution offering to their national insurance account customers – RIVAS (Rainbow International Validation and Settlement).

Restoration, not replacement

The new service seeks to restore policyholder’s carpets and furniture whenever possible and economically viable, promoting restoration over replacement.

A bespoke application for the iPad has been developed that guides Rainbow’s specialist technicians through a carefully considered path to help identify the exact type of floor covering or furniture that has been affected.

The RIVAS innovation allows technicians to make early, accurate, informed and consistent decisions on the effectiveness of a restoration, taking the replacement cost into consideration whilst on-site.


Real savings over replacement

Dependent on the damage selected, the RIVAS app identifies the current best practice in terms of cleaning solutions and technique to successfully remove stains, ensuring that the chances of successful restoration is maximised on every claim. This technology helps Rainbow demonstrate real savings when successfully restoring items, and provides immediate replacement settlement options should economic restoration not be possible.

The RIVAS application provides many benefits to insurance customers, these include...

  • Prioritising restoration over replacement
  • Independent validation by Rainbow International
  • One visit, three services - Validation, Restoration & Fulfilment
  • Improved customer journey
  • Reduced claim duration

Bespoke detailed reporting

Rainbow’s technicians receive ongoing training at their purpose built training facility. Training schedules include establishing floor covering composition, the identification of stains and successful stain removal.

To promote nationwide consistency of service and success rates, a detailed report is compiled for Rainbow’s insurer clients. Much of this data capture is provided by an intelligent database built into the RIVAS application which is loaded onto each technician’s iPad.

Enhancing the customer journey

The application helps Rainbow drive the right behaviour by restoring rather than replacing wherever possible, providing a much more cost effective service for insurers than traditional supplier arrangements while enhancing the customers journey.

For further information on Rainbow’s RIVAS solution please contact the RIVAS helpline at Rainbow International on 01623 675928 or email [email protected]



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